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Massage Therapy

At 921 Salon & Spa we offer many different massage modalities to help relieve tension and ease stress. Our licensed Massage Therapists will assist in the massage modality that is best for you.



Salts Massage

Therapeutic Massage


30/60/90 minutes

For the time challenged professional who needs a quick fix or who may have one area needing attention, our therapist will get right to work on it! Typically this massage only focuses on a single area

Salts Massage

Swedish Massage


30/60/90 minutes

Melt away stress and relieve general muscular tension with this integrative massage session for the full body, with focus work in one or two areas of chronic tension. Swedish is a lighter massage that is all about relaxing.  

Salts Massage

Deep Tissue Massage


30/60/90 minutes

Designed to relieve long-held chronic tension in the muscle and break up adhesions in the connective tissue and fascia, this massage focuses on sub-surface muscles. Various techniques may be used including, friction, stretching, joint mobilization, breath work, and deeper pressure massage strokes. Long term results are best achieved with a series of massages.

Salts Massage

Prenatal Massage


60 minutes

A soothing massage for mother and baby throughout pregnancy.  With the use of a comfortable, special pregnancy pillow, the expectant mother can lay face down and rest comfortably and safely. This massage relieves the common aches and pains that accompany growth, weight gain, and other body changes.

Salts Massage

Hot Stone Massage


60/90 minutes

Warm smooth stones calm and balance your body. You will feel your mind relax and the tension melt away as the warmth of the stones penetrates deep into the muscles and joints.  Hot stone massage is a form of massage therapy that follows the same principles of a regular Swedish massage, but with the addition of heated stones, which are believed to better open the body’s energy pathways. 

Salts Massage

Sugar Glow Massage


90 minutes

This luxurious sugar scrub treatment will leave you exfoliated and rejuvenated. This treatment includes a full body exfoliation with sugar scrub followed by a warm shower. An application of moisturizing body butter paired with a Swedish massage will reveal healthy glowing skin. Your choice from our selection of decadently scented body butters.

Salts Massage

Sugar Foot Scrub (add on)



Add a Sugar Foot Scrub to any massage.  This combines a massage and hot towels to improve circulation while sugar provides softening of the foot.  Your choice of scented or unscented.

Salts Massage

Aromatherapy (add on)



Add a calming aromatherapy to any service. 

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